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5 tips for boosting your donations during the Cost-of-Living Crisis 

Image from JustGiving

Whilst some would say that the charity sector is now more agile and flexible than ever before, it’s not surprising that charities don’t feel equipped to face yet another challenge – a Cost-of-Living Crisis. According to the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF):

  • 86% of charities are worried about the impact of the cost of living on beneficiaries
  • Nearly six out of 10 fear people will either stop giving or not start
  • More than 70% of charities are concerned about managing increased demand for their services
  • 14% of people plan to cut back on charity donations in the next six months


More than seven out of ten say they are still planning to give in the next three months, so JustGiving have put together some practical things you can do to encourage vital donations right now…