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Free money-saving help for businesses 

Free water-efficiency audits are available for businesses to help make sure their water facilities are up to date and not leaking. 

The initiative is part of Severn Trent’s Green Recovery programme, offering businesses the chance to check their facilities are working efficiently and, where any upgrades or repairs are needed, the company will fix internal leaks free of charge. 

Severn Trent, which serves thousands of firms and homes across Staffordshire and beyond, says a typical leaky toilet or dripping tap could cost a business up to £300 a year. 

Josie Veissid, Green Recovery Project Manager, said: “We’re well aware that many businesses are facing uncertainty and upgrading their water facilities may not be on the top of their list of priorities, which is why we’re stepping in and doing it for them, all free of charge. 

“Our experts will be able to do a full ‘health’ check of the water facilities, and really make sure money’s not being wasted, and that your business is running as efficiently as possible and watertight.” 

Severn Trent says businesses often lose money through urinals, as they often flush regardless of use, using water and costing money. By installing sensors, savings of up to £3,000 could be made depending on business size. 

It also says fixing something like a leaky loo could save up to 400 litres of water a year – which is around 700 pints of water or five full bathtubs, which would be money businesses would pay for, but not be using. 

“We genuinely all have a really important role to play when it comes to saving water, and now we’re helping businesses to do their part too,” added Josie. 

For more information, and to sign up, click here.